Danko Đunić

President od assembly
The president of the second convocation 2004-2010
11000 Beograd, Kralja Milana 16
Tel: +381 11 3612 442
Fax: +381 11 3613 106

Year of birth: 1949

Earned his B.A. and M.A. degrees at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade. Began his career as a consultant at the Economics Institute in 1973, at the time the largest and most influential “think tank” for economics research and business consultancy in former Yugoslavia. He held the position of Director of the Economics Institute from 1992 to 1997, when he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors. In May 2011 was elected President of the Assembly of the Economics Institute.
Between 1991 and 2004 a partner and president of Deloitte & Touche Yugoslavia. He practically introduced the institution of independent audit to the region, developing at the same time corporate business environment in the Serbian economy.
Vice President of the Government of the Republic of Yugoslavia (March 1997 – March 1998), in charge of economic reforms and negotiations with international financial institutions.
AmCham President from December 2003 to February 2006, for two consecutive terms.
One of the founders of the Serbian Business Club “Privrednik” – a society of prominent and successful Serbian managers, and its elected President for three terms (2003 – 2010).
In 2004 he founded Eki Investment, a private investment boutique, of which he is the President, as well as the majority shareholder.
Member of the Serbian Association of Economists and the founding member of the Serbian Association of Corporate Directors (UKDS).
Active rower in his younger days, continued his sports engagement in the Serbian Rowing Association and has been its President since 1997. He was also the President of Partizan Sports Association, the largest sporting association in the region, from 1992 to 2011.
He is married, has three sons and ten grandchildren.