Mića Mićić

General menager
31205 Sevojno, Prvomajska bb
Tel: +381 31 533 681
Fax: +381 31 533 685


Year of birth: 1946

Started his career in the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Užice, continuing as CFO in Srbija put, Užice. Since 1984 he is CEO of MPP Jedinstvo, Sevojno – now the leading construction company.
MPP Jedinstvo is the majority owner of: Jedinstvo – Metalogradnja, Sevojno (production and erection of steel structures), Užice gas and Zlatibor gas (construction of gas pipelines and distribution of gas), Raketa Car shop, Sevojno (vehicle sale and servicing) and Eurotex, Belgrade.
Laureate of prestigious Chamber awards and commendations, in 2008 got the annual award of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce for personal contribution to business.
One of the founders of the SBC “Privrednik”, President of the Installing and Finishing Works in Construction association within the Serbian Chamber, member of the Board of many successful companies.
He is actively involved in the activities of the VBC Jedinstvo, Užice, for 15 years as the President of the Board.
Married to Vera, father of two children who pursue their own careers.