Milan Beko


11000 Beograd, Kralja Petra 44
Tel: +381 11 2027 977

Year of birth: 1961

Started his career in Spectra marketing agency, a joint company founded with Oglilvy & Mather. In 1991 founded Dibek, a foreign trade company, which became one of the leaders in the region in the trade of consumer goods.
Between 1997 and 2000 he worked in the Government of the Republic of Serbia as a minister of privatization and economic transformation and later as a minister for strategic privatization. He was a minister of economy in the Federal Government and executive president of the Board of Zastava Group, Kragujevac (restructuring and preparation for functional privatization).
After five year’s management of Ross South East, an investment group for trade, investment and banking, he joined the investment fund Salford & Danube Foods Group, first as a manager for restructuring of Knjaz Miloš company, then as CEO and member of the Board of DFG since its founding, where his task was acquisition of food companies in Southeastern Europe: Knjaz Miloš, Imlek, Bambi, Banat, Subotica Dairy, Novi Sad Dairy, Impaz, Banjaluka Dairy, etc.
Today he is the president of Laderna, an investment holding company, which deals in portfolio investment and which has successfully carried out acquisitions of the Port of Belgrade (the biggest development construction project in Serbia), C Market (the biggest retail chain), Novosti (a major newspaper publisher), Granexport (the biggest plant for the production, packaging and distribution of milling products in Serbia), Belgrade Free Trade Zone (considerable storage facilities).
Member of the Council for development of economic relations between Italy and Serbia.
Married, father of four.