Miodrag Babić

(Club founder and first president 2002 – 2003,
member of the executive board of the club)

11000 Beograd,
Bože Jankovića br. 67
Tel: +381 11 2761 671
Faks: 381 11 2761671

Year of birth: 1951

Member of the Executive Board of the Club

Started professional career in Brixol in 1974, and from 1 March 1982 until 1 September 2010 headed the Hemofarm Concern which included 9 companies for the production of medicines, infusion solvents, dialysers, veterinary medicines and plant protection agents.
As a sign of social responsibility of the Concern, founded the humanitarian Hemofarm Foundation in 1994. The Foundation provided invaluable contribution to aid and relief for war victims in the 1990s, but mostly to development and promotion of the city of Vršac and other communities where the Concern conducted its business activities. In 2006 coordinated and carried out acquisition of Hemofarm by the German Stada group and was appointed President of Hemofarm Company, member of Stada Group. In addition to major investments in production facilities in Serbia, Montenegro, Republic of Srpska, China and Russia, it is registered as a supplier of medicines for the U.S. market (the first FDA certificate in the region).
Mr. Babić is the laureate of numerous prestigious awards and recognitions, such as the Businessman of the Year (first in 1990 in SFRY and winning the same title five more times by 2010), Yugoslav and Serbian Chamber of Commerce Charter, Order of St. Sava (2005), The Vuk Award for activities in the area of culture (2006). He also received the Belgrade Winner Lifetime Achievement Award for 2013.
Three-time elected President of the Yugoslav and Serbian Basketball Association and member of the Yugoslav Olympic Committee Presidency for 12 years.
Married to Jelena, has two sons – Vladimir and Aleksandar.