Miodrag Kostić

(President of SBC “Privrednik”)
11070 Novi Beograd, Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 115e
Tel: +381 11 3539 539
Fax: +381 11 3539 599

Year of birth: 1959

Since 1983 has been developing the MK Group business system, which now encompasses more than 35 companies with over 4,500 employees in Serbia and Ukraine.
MK Group is among the biggest and strongest companies in Serbian agribusiness and currently the biggest vertically integrated agricultural company in Europe.
MK Group is involved both in industry and in agriculture, notably in the production of sugar, meat and meat products (“Carnex”), but is also active in financial and IT services, real estate business and renting out storage space.

A significant part of MK Group’s operations in Serbia relate to the management of a winter ski resort on Mt. Kopaonik. MK Mountain Resort includes hotels Grand and Angella as well as apartment complex Konaci Sunčani Vrhovi, 88 Rooms Hotel in Belgrade, and Hotel Kempinski in Portorož.
Last year MK Group started to invest in the development of renewable energy sources – “green” electricity is produced by MK Fintel Wind.
In addition to being active in the governing bodies of SBC “Privrednik” for many years, Kostić is also the Chairman of the Board of AIK Banka and President of the Society fot the Construction of the Church Saint Sava. He is also a member of numerous Serbian and international business associations.

Laureate of many awards, including Businessman of the Year, the Most Successful Man in Vojvodina, Top Businessman, Best Manager of South-Eastern Europe 2011. For the achievements of the company, he was awarded the Emperor Dušan’s Golden Dinar – for MK Group as the Company of the Decade, the Best Private Company award, the Belgrade Winner, Business Partner of the Year, Planet Business for 2012 for the most successful management of the company. MK Group received My Choice award in 2013 as the most socially responsible company and the Corporate Superbrands of Serbia award for 2012/13.
In 2012, MK Group built a house for young people without parental care as donation to SOS Children’s Village in Kraljevo. In 2013 the personal “Kostić Family Endowment” was founded. It donated a family house to the Vojvodina Institute for Health Care of Children and Youth to be used for rehabilitation of most serious patients.

In 2015, Miodrag Kostić received “Badge od honour”, for contribution and support throughout years.

Father of three.