Miroljub Aleksić

“ALCO GROUP” d.o.o.
11000 Beograd, Požeška 65/b
Tel: +381 11 3050 781
Faks: +381 11 3549 423


Year of birth: 1957

Started his career in Serbia at the PKB Holding’s computer center in Belgrade and continued at the PKB Bank.
Founded his own company ALCO in 1990 and started trading in securities and purchasing Russian clearing debts.

Founded Alco Bank in 1995, developing it successfully until 2007, when it was sold to Belgian KBC Bank.
In 1998 bought a confectionary factory facing bankruptcy – Pionir in Subotica, and since the beginning of privatization in 2001 acquired several other factories and enterprises (Tipoplastika, Cobex, Jugotehna, Naš stan, Hissar, Autopromet, Alfa Plam, Forest…) thus expanding the group that now employs a workforce of 2,600.

Companies within the group and Aleksić himself have been receiving numerous awards over the past decades:

  • European Candy Kettle Club, the most prestigious association of confectionary industry in the world, declared Pionir the winner in 2010 and honoured Aleksić as the best manager;
  • the Serbian Journalists’ Association declared Mr. Aleksić Businessman of the Year in Serbia for 2011;
  • in May 2013 the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce declared him the Businessman of the Year for 2012,
  • honorary citizen of Prokuplje, Paraćin, Aranđelovac.

Alco Group has also invested in hotel industry; Hotel Izvor in Arandjelovac with a recently-opened aqua park and Hotel Master in Novi Sad are completed, while opening of another three new hotels is planned for this year: Hotel Park in Vrnjačka Banja, Hotel Tornik on Mt. Zlatibor and Hotel Sloboda in Šabac. The Group has also acquired hotels Staro Zdanje and Šumadija in Bukovička Banja.
Likes to read books and engage in sports. Regularly supports humanitarian campaigns and outstanding athletes – representatives of our country.
Lives very privately with his wife Biljana, an economist, with whom he has three adult children.