Vasilije Mićić

31000 Užice, Nikole Pašića 38
Tel: +381 31 512 655
Fax: +381 31 521 379

Year of birth: 1940

Vasilije Mićić was born in the village or Rožanstvo. He attended primary school in Rožanstvo and Sirogojno and secondary school in Užice. Graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade. Following his graduation in 1971, he started to work at the company Putevi in Užice. His upward career path took him to the position of director in 1986. At that time Putevi was carrying out major projects in Iraq, Russia and Israel. He founded his own company for civil engineering and building construction in 1992 in Russia. The company expanded rapidly and branched out into several companies. Owing to its strategic vision and reputation earned solely through executed projects, Putevi became synonymous with quality construction both at the local market and internationally.
In the course of privatization became majority owner of a number of domestic companies: Putevi in Užice, Granit Peščar in Ljig, Putevi in Novi Pazar and restaurant and hotel enterprise Palisad on Mt. Zlatibor.
Known as great humanitarian and donor to numerous social and cultural causes and activities, particularly in his hometown.
The Local Community of Rožanstvo awarded him in 2009 for his outstanding contribution to the development of this village.
Laureate of many major state awards for economic achievements.
Married to Vesna Mićić from Užice, they have two sons, Vladimir and Miroslav.