Velimir Jovanović

Augusta Cesarca 52
Tel: +3811 3670137

Year of birth: 1973

Mr. Jovanovic started his career in 1993 at the Belgrade Stock Exchange as a broker. After spending 2 years there Mr. Jovanovic decided to move to private sector and to start his brokerage business. Consequently, in 1995 together with a partner he established and successfully managed brokerage company MV Investment where his spent two years. In 1997 Mr. Jovanovic left MV Investment and together with a help of his family established Mediolanum Invest where he has been a chairman since.
Throughout the years, Mediolanum Invest has built a reputation of highly respected conservative brokerage and an investment company in Serbia. Constant growth of the number of clients, trading volume and achieved profitability represent confirmation of its good business policy and professionalism, which define the main base of its strategy in achieving high quality of financial services.
In recent years, since the begging of the global financial crisis Mediolanum Invest has focused and consequently has allocated significant part of its available resources on investments in distress assets. So far Mediolanum Invest has been involved in several major Serbian corporate work outs (Beohemija, Farmakom…etc). Strategy was to work together with existing creditors including local banks, IFIs, government, tax authorities and suppliers in order to find tailor made solutions for every particular company or group of companies in interest of all involved parties. Thus far Mediolanum Invest has built a reputation of a credible and reliable partner which in turn positioned it as a clear market leader in this field.
As a result of such a strategy in January 2016 Mediolanum Invest became a B lender of the IFC (part of the World Bank Group) that in turn enabled both partners to join forces and know how in order to efficiently resolve some of the largest Serbian NPL cases.
Finally, in March 2016 Mediolanum Invest acquired 100% of Mlekara Sabac (third largest Serbian dairy producer).
Mr. Jovanovic is also a father of two daughters Kristina and Mila.