Željko Mitrović

President&Chief Executive Officer
11000 Beograd, Neznanog junaka 1
Tel: +381 11 3063 522


Started his career in the late 1980s when he founded Pink music studio. TV Pink started to broadcast in Serbia at the beginning of 1994. Nowadays he owns several leading companies inmedia business: TV Pink with national frequency in Serbia, TV Pink BH with national frequency in Bosnia and Herzegovina, TV Pink M with national requency in Montenegro, 11 satellite programs covering a large part of neighboring countries; he also owns CITY Records – a discrographic
company, Media System – a production company, Pink Digital System
– CD and DVD duplication, Media Prime Time – a production company.
He also owns Air Pink, a company which charters airplanes for business and private purposes, PFI Studios – a film studios equipped with technical facilities and illumination encompassing 40,000 square meters on 17 hectares of land, El Bosco Ltd. – chartering of luxurious yachts, MGUM Technology – production of chewing gums, The Modern Business School – modern business college with two programs of academic studies: (1) Management in modern business and (2) Film and television.
Married, father of four.