Meeting with members of the fiscal council of te Republic of Serbia

June 11th, 2015.
On the invitation of members of the Serbian Business Club ‘Privrednik’, a meeting with the members of the Fiscal Council of the Republic of Serbia was held. Besides the President, of the Council Mr. Pavle Petrovic, the meeting was attended by two other members of the Council M. Nikola Altiparmakov and Mr. Vladimir Vuckovic.During the meeting the topics discussed were macroeconomic situation, the budget deficit, public debt, but also highly needed economic measures for economic growth. Mr Pavle Petrovic said that the economic growth can be achieved if we increase net exports, preceded by high investment by the private sector and foreign investment. He drew attention, that in this regard more public expenditure, capital investments in infrastructure are needed in order to improve the investment environment and make it more attractive.
The President of the Serbian Business Club ‘Privrednik’, Mr.  Miodrag Kostic pointed out that the state should make a list of its assets, in order to know its possessions, that could be offered in transparent manner both to domestic and foreign investors. It is necessary to focus investment in the private sector or the part that he controls. Other present members  added that it is necessary that the legislation is clear, but also that it needs simulation  in the field of economy in order to assess whether that law is enforceable in practice or not.

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