Andrej Jovanović

(Member of the supervisory board of the club)
11000 Beograd, Andre Nikolića 1
Tel: +381 11 3817 001
Fax: +381 11 3817 070

Year of birth: 1967

After a successful career as a hockey player, with HK Partizan from Belgrade and the Yugoslav national team, he started his business career in 1995, when he founded the company “Marbo Product”. Thanks to professional and technical management, the company has become the absolute leader in the snacks industry in the country and the entire region of Southeast Europe. Its leading position in the production of wellknown snacks brands, “Chipsy”, “Clipsy”, “Pardon”, “Max”, “Minut”, “Gud”, has been recognised by the multinational company “PepsiCo”, the world leader in the snack industry, which acquired “Marbo Product” in 2008.
In 2006, he founded the company “Anbo d.o.o”, whose portfolio includes: Agricultural Land “Maglic” from Backi Maglic, the tool and pressing factory “Ikarus” from Belgrade, and companies for production, installation, and servicing of elevators “David Pajic Daka” Belgrade.
In 2012, he participated in the founding of the General Hospital “Medigroup”, the first private health platform in the country, which has consolidated the private health sector in Belgrade.
In 2014, he started work on the architectural structural complex “A Blok”, the largest residential and commercial project in Belgrade and the entire region. Several large real estate projects in various locations in Belgrade are currently under way.
In 2015, as a very important partner, in cooperation with the investment fund “Mid Europa Partners”, in the position of future CEO, he participated in the acquisition of the holding system “Danube Foods Group”, which includes the following companies: “Imlek”, “Dairy product factory Subotica”, “Bambi”, “Knjaz Miloš“, as well as dairy product factories owned by “Imlek” in Macedonia, the Republic of Srpska, and Montenegro.
He is married, has a son, two daughters, and two grandsons.