Dragan Tomić

Year of birth: 1937

Dragan Tomić, SIMPO ad president, has been leading this company, one of the largest business groups in our country, for more than 45 years. In August 1963 he started to work at the Planning and Analysis Department of the Sima Pogačarević Furniture Factory, which is to become the present-day SIMPO under his management. In 1967 he was appointed acting CEO, and in 1970 CEO. After the transformation of SIMPO into a joint stock company, he was elected the president of the company.
He served several terms of office as a representative and MP in the parliaments of Serbia and former Yugoslavia. Between 1994 and 1997 he was the minister-coordinator in the Government of the Republic of Serbia and after that, until 2000, vice-president of the Government.
Dragan Tomić is among the most prominent businessmen in the Balkans and is considered a pioneer of entrepreneurship in the region. He was the first in socialist Yugoslavia who recognized the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises for the overall economic development and turned this philosophy into a book “Small companies – Big Opportunities” and applied this model in SIMPO.
Received many recognitions and awards for the results achieved in the course of his career. Many times selected by professional juries and wide public as the most successful manager and most reputable CEO in former Yugoslavia. Received the Award for the Contribution to Economic Development of Serbia, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce awarded him for outstanding business results, and the Chambers of Commerce of Belgrade and Leskovac awarded him Special Lifetime Achievement Awards.